Best 3 Central Machinery Drill Press To Buy In 2022 Reviews

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Here I will share with you information about three Central Machinery drill presses available on the market. You can learn all you need about them, but before that, let’s focus on the Central Machinery drill press brand and their offer in general!


The Central Machinery Brand

Part Of A Bigger Company

The Central Machinery brand is part of a big company named Harbor Freight Tools. Harbor Freight Tools is a privately held tool and equipment retailer. Its headquarters are located in Calabasas, California. This company is a mail-order tool and equipment company that has more than 1000 stores in 48 states.

The Price Range Of Central Machinery Brand

According to other Central Machinery drill press reviews, this brand is one of the cheaper ones there are on the market. Its proportion of quality and value comes as a very interesting thing to customers while buying their new drill presses. For this lower price, you will get a high-quality machine that will serve you well in your upcoming projects.

Where Can You Buy Central Machinery Drill Presses?

This is one of those brands that have a webshop on their website. The web site is well built and you will manage with no difficulties. But, I would still recommend that you check online retailers such as Amazon because their offer is much bigger and it comes with many clearances.

Customer Service And Support

The Centra Machinery brand does not have its own web site but they are listed at the Harbor Freight Tools official web site. On the official web site of the company, there is a dedicated customer support part. If you are buying your new Central Machinery drill press and have any doubts, you should definitely talk to them as they always listen to their customers.

Other Models Of Central Machinery Brand

There are also some other models of Central Machinery drill press models on the market that I will not review in this article. You can check the online or on their official web site. These drill press models are Central Machinery 13 inch drill press, Central Machinery 813b drill press, Central Machinery 339955 floor drill press and Central Machinery 43389 drill press model.

The Best 3 Central Machinery Drill Presses

12 Speed Bench Mount Drill Press

All-purpose Bench Drill Press

This Central Machinery 12 speed bench mount drill press is an all-purpose bench drill press. It is convenient for your home or your workshop. This machine will support a wide variety of projects. If you are working on your DIY project at home or even a bigger one at your shop, you will handle it with ease.

12 Speed Bench Mount Drill Press

Variety Of Tasks And Materials

With this Central Machinery, 12-speed bench mount drill press, you can easily drill through a variety of materials such as wood, plastic or even metal. You will have no problems drilling with this machine as it has a ball bearing 12-speed motor. Many of the customers say that they are very satisfied using this bench drill press.

Very Portable Drill Press

This Central Machinery 12-speed drill press is a very portable machine. If you want to transfer it from your shop to your home, you can easily do it as this 60237 drill press has a very compact 10-inch design. That way you can finish your project at your own home.

12 Speed Bench Mount Drill Press review

Smooth Table Movement For Precision

This 60237 bench mount drill press has a table that rotates 360° and tilts 45° left and right. Using this versatile 12-speed bench drill press you will have no problem at all when drilling. You can move the table of this Central Machinery drill press smoothly and with ease.


  • drills through a variety of material
  • very versatile and portable bench drill press
  • smooth table movement and precision moves
  • made for a variety of tasks
  • heavy-duty ball bearing motor with 12 speeds

16 Speed Heavy Duty Bench Drill Press

Professional-quality Bench Drill Press

The Central Machinery  16 speed heavy duty bench drill press is a professional-quality machine. It has a modern and sturdy design. You will work like a real professional using this 16-speed bench drill press.

16 Speed Heavy Duty Bench Drill Press

Working On Wide Range Of Materials

This heavy-duty 38142 bench drill press can be used on a wide variety of materials such as plastic, wood, and metal. This drill press is a 16-speed bench drill press and you can use it while working on your bigger projects in your own shop.

Works Smoothly And Quietly

The cast iron construction of this 16-speed heavy duty bench drill press minimizes all the vibration while drilling. You will have no worries while using this machine as it runs smoothly and quietly. This bench drill press is easy to use with a modern design.

16 Speed Heavy Duty Bench Drill Press review

Multi-speed Gearbox Drill Press

This heavy-duty bench drill press has a 16-speed gearbox motor. By adjusting the speed, you can work on a wide variety of materials and tasks.

High-quality Parts And Accessories

The Central Machinery 38142 heavy-duty 16-speed bench drill press has an iron cast table that rotates 360° and tilts 45°. The company assures you that this bench drill press is a high-quality professional made drill press that is a perfect choice for your workshop.


  • professional-quality bench drill press
  • 16-speed gearbox motor
  • modern and sturdy design
  • made for a wide variety of materials and tasks
  • adjustable depth stop

5 Speed – 8″ Bench Mount Drill Press

Built-in Swivel Lamp

This 5 speed 60238 bench mount drill press comes with a built-in swivel lamp. This lamp always comes in handy while working on your projects. You can easily finish your hard work at home or in your own workshop in any conditions and at any time of the day.

5 Speed - 8 Bench Mount Drill Press

Adjustable Table For More Precision

The Central Machinery bench-mount 8-inch drill press has an adjustable table that locks in place. This enables you to work on your projects with a lot of precision. You can be sure that the table is strong and secure.

5 Speed Ball Bearing Motor

The 60238 bench mount drill press features a ball bearing 5-speed motor. With this 8-inch bench drill press, you can easily work on your DIY projects or even some bigger ones at your shop or at home.

5 Speed - 8 Bench Mount Drill Press review

Designed For The Home Or The Shop

This Central Machinery 8 inch drill press has a very compact and modern design. The machine is convenient for your own home or your workshop. It is always good to have a compact and good bench mount drill press such as this one.

Modern And Sturdy Design

This 8 inch Central Machinery bench mount drill press has an iron cast base and head. It is made of high-quality parts and accessories. This machine features and steel base for even more durability.


  • modern and sturdy design
  • compact drill press for home or shop
  • has a built-in swivel lamp
  • designed to give you precision
  • 5-speed ball bearing motor

Conclusion: Why You Should Buy Central Machinery Drill Press?

If you are looking to buy a new drill press, there is a lot of option out there. If you want an ultraportable bench drill press, then this 8-inch bench mount drill press is perfect for you. If you need a professional-quality bench drill press, that this 16-speed heavy duty bench drill press is the way to go. If you are just looking for an all-purpose bench drill press that you need to buy this 12-speed bench mount drill press.

Variable speed drill presses are great, but if you aren’t sure what features you need, read my post about different drill presses for sale. There you will see what you need to know before you buy a drill press and you will read reviews of different drill presses like a magnetic drill press and miniature drill press.