Best Dewalt Drill Press & Attachments To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Interested to buy a new Dewalt drill press in 2020? Well, look no more, because you have come to the right place!

In this article, I will review the best and most popular Dewalt drill press model available on the market. In this review, you can read its technical specifications and other features as well. See for yourself if this great Dewalt drill press is the right choice for you and your workshop.


Dewalt Drill Press Brand

Long History Of Woodworking Machines

The Dewalt drill press brand was founded years ago in 1922. by Raymond DeWalt. He was the one who perfected the first woodworking machine and wanted to make it more versatile and to increase productivity. Since then, the company tries to manufacture only the best out of their machines.

Many Happy Customers

The Dewalt company has had many satisfied customers throughout the years. Their founder has said that “You buy a machine and what you really get is satisfaction, entire satisfaction“. By these words, the company wants to keep up the great work that Raymond DeWalt has started many years ago.

The Price Range Of Dewalt Drill Presses

The price range of Dewalt drill press models can vary. The company assures that its drill presses are one of the best on the market. The drill press models by Dewalt are made out of high-quality parts and are made to last you years and years.

Where Can You Buy The Dewalt Drill Press Models

There are a few places you can buy the Dewalt drill presses. You can buy them in the shops at their retailers. The easiest way to buy your new drill press by Dewalt is online at their official web site. Although, I would strongly suggest that you check out the online retailers such as Amazon. There you can find the drill press models at a much lower price and also many discounts. It is also always good to read the customer reviews.

Customer Service And Support

The Dewalt Tools have a very good relationship with their loyal customers. They have a special dedicated part for customer service and support on their official web site. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can send them an e-mail which can easily be found at their web site.

Other Drill Press Models By Dewalt Brand

There are some Dewalt drill press models that I will not review in this article. You should go and check them out! These models are Dewalt 1785 Drill Press, Dewalt DW151 Magnetic Drill Press, and the Dewalt DW159 Magnetic Drill Press.

The Best Dewalt Drill Press Model

Dewalt DWE 1622k Magnetic Drill Press

Very Compact And Portable Drill Press

This Dewalt Magnetic drill press has a very compact 2-inch design. That being said, the Dewalt mag drill press is very portable and you can carry it with you if you are going on some outdoor projects. With this great DWE 1622k drill you can do a lot of work done no matter its size.

Dewalt DWE 1622k Magnetic Drill Press

Powerful Tool For Variety Of Projects

The Dewalt DWE 1622k Magnetic drill press has a 10 amp motor built-in and also 2-speed settings. This compact DWE 1622k drill press will provide you optimal performance in a variety of projects. You can easily shift the speed and adjust it to your ongoing projects. You can also adjust the height for a variety of workpieces to work on with the Dewalt mag drill press.

Easy And Very Safe To Use

One of the greatest features of this Dewalt Magnetic drill press is that it has an overload protection electronics feature which prevents the motor damage from any damages while working on your projects. The DWE 1622k magnetic drill press also has a quick chuck change system which will make your work easier.

Dewalt DWE 1622k Magnetic Drill Press review

Features The Magnetic Cooling Tank

The Dewalt DWE magnetic drill press comes with a great self-cooling magnetic tank that allows you to regulate the flow of cooling fluid. This tank can be placed on both sides of the machine. This great feature allows you a variety of tool orientations. This way you can easily work on your projects with the DWE 1622k drill press.

Made For Heavy-duty Applications

Although this is a more compact drill press, you can still do a lot with it. The DWE 1622k magnetic drill press has 4-inch drill travel that offers maximum capacity for heavy-duty projects. You can also adjust the height of the motor which offers a wide range of accessory compatibility with the Dewalt portable drill press.


  • very compact and modern design
  • easy and safe to use
  • magnetic cooling tank built-in
  • cane be used in a variety of projects
  • made for heavy-duty applications

Dewalt Parts And Attachments

If you ever find yourself in need of new Dewalt drill press attachments or parts such as drill press stand, you should go online and visit their official web site. They have a very well built web site with a special dedicated part just for the drill press accessories. There is a wide variety of drill press accessories and parts and you will surely find the thing you need.

Conclusion: Why You Should Buy This Fantastic Dewalt Drill Press?

The Dewalt brand has always wanted to manufacture fantastic machines for its loyal customers and they have done it throughout the years. The founder perfected the woodworking machine all the way back in 1922. and they have continued to do great work since then. If you are looking to buy a fantastic compact drill press that can be used in a variety of projects, you should definitely check out this great Dewalt DWE 1622k Magnetic Drill Press. The Dewalt drill presses are made out of high-quality parts and you won’t regret buying them.

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