Best 2 Nova Drill Press & Accessories To Buy In 2022 Reviews

Searching for the best Nova drill press to buy?

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You know that you have to learn a thing or two about the brand before you decide to buy their product. Well, I know that too and that is why I have gathered information about the Nova drill press brand, where you can buy them and what is their price like. Also, you can read detailed Nova drill press reviews of their two most popular models.


About Nova Drill Press Brand

Part Of A Bigger Story
The Nova drill press brand is a part of a big company called Teknatool International. The brand has always had popular drill press models at the market. Their loyal customers have recognized the Nova drill press brand as a reliable drill press brand in the wood and metalworking industry.

Company With Revolutionary Innovations

The Nova drill press brand has always been about the innovations in the industry. They have started this revolution in the wood and metalworking industry in 1998. when they introduced the 4-jaw self-centering chuck on the market. Since then, they always tried to keep up with the innovations and their revolutionary work.

The Price Range Of Nova Drill Press Models

Teknatool Internationals Nova drill press brand is proud of its long tradition of manufacturing the products that offer a great proportion of high quality and best value. The company wants to make sure that their customers are happy customers that use their Nova drill press models daily working on their projects.

Where Can You Buy The Nova Drill Presses?

You can buy the Nova drill presses online on their official web site or at their dealer stores across the United States and Canada. If you aren’t there, then you can check out online retailers such as Amazon. There you can find Nova drill presses with international shipping and you might even catch a discount for their models if you are lucky.

Customer Service And Support

The Nova drill press brand has a very well built customer service on their web site. They are proud to be at their customer’s disposal. They have a dedicated customer support section at their official web site. You can contact their help center if you have any questions about the Nova drill press models.

The Best 2 Jet Drill Press Models

Nova 58000 Voyager DVR Drill Press

Powerful Direct DVR Motor

The Nova 58000 Voyager DVR drill press has a powerful 1.75HP/2HP high torque direct drive DVR motor built-in. This great DVR drill press can serve you in your big workshop projects. You surely won’t have any problem while using this powerful Nova Voyager DVR machine as it is made out of high-quality parts and accessories.

Nova 58000 Voyager DVR Drill Press

Variable Speed Option Included

This great DVR drill press by Nova brand has a variable speed option so that you can use this great machine in various projects. With this 58000 Voyager drill press, you can get to a range of 50-5500rpm. You can easily shift speeds with Nova Voyager DVR and be done with your work in a blink of an eye.

Fantastic Software Built-in

The Nova 58000 Voyager DVR drill press by Nova has an LCD screen built-in. You have at your disposal a great interface that assists you in many fantastic features. For example, you can set the depth stop option on the display of your Nova drill press and it even shows you the direct readout of depth of the hole.

Nova 58000 Voyager DVR Drill Press review

Accurate Performance Drill Press

As it was said earlier, this fantastic MCU software by Nova Voyager DVR offers you many great features while drilling. You can easily and quickly control and correct the balance between speed and power which leads to very accurate drilling while working on your projects. Good bearings and split head casings are all part of the great and solid design of this Nova DVR drill press.

Handles A Variety Of Materials

The Nova 58000 drill press offers you the accuracy and the power to work on a wide variety of materials. This fantastic cross-functional machine can easily handle materials such as wood, plastics, metal or glass. This drill press is really a great and versatile machine for any workshop.


  • versatile DVR drill press
  • very powerful and high-quality machine
  • can handle a variety of materials
  • has a modern MCU software built-in
  • has a variable speed motor

Nova Vulcan DVR Drill Press

Easy And Safe To Use

The Nova Vulcan drill press uses intelligent DVR technology while operating. It has security sensors built-in. This fantastic DVR drill press also has a vibration and emergency stop option. With all these great features you can use this Nova Vulcan drill press easily and as safely as possible.

Nova Vulcan DVR Drill Press

Smooth And Quiet Performance

This great Nova Vulcan DVR drill press has no belts built-in. That means that the full power of this drill press is transmitted to the spindle. These great features enable you quiet and smooth drilling while using this great Nova drill press.

Intelligent Speed Shifting Option

The Nova Vulcan drill press has an intelligent speed selection option built-in. With this great feature, you can adjust the speed to get the correct speed for the project you’re working on. This Nova DVR drill press is made primarily for metalworking projects but you can easily adjust the speed with the chart which has options for “drilling”, “end milling”, “face milling” and “reaming”.

Nova Vulcan DVR Drill Press review

Drill Press And Milling Machine

The Nova Vulcan DVR drill press machine also doubles as a milling machine. This way you can have a versatile drill press that you can work on a wide variety of projects in your own workshop.

Made Out Of High-quality Parts

This fantastic machine is made out of high-quality parts and accessories. It has a modern software built-in to work on a variety of project although it has primarily been made to work on metalworking projects. The Nova brand company assures you only the best experience using this Nova Vulcan DVR drill press.


  • easy and safe to use
  • powerful variable speed motor
  • intelligent DVR technology built-in
  • made out of high-quality parts and accessories
  • drill press that doubles as milling machine

Nova Drill Press Parts And Manuals

If you are in need of a new chuck or table for your drill press, you can find official Nova drill press parts at their official web site. They have a special section on their official web site just for the drill press parts that you should check out. I would also suggest that you visit online retailers such as Amazon for some universal drill press parts and Nova drill press accessories.

Nova Voyager Drill Press Manual Instructions

If you are in need of a manual, you can easily find it online at the official web site of Nova Tools. You can type the model of your drill press and simply download the manual directly to your laptop or PC. Here is a direct link to a manual for the Nova 58000 Voyager DVR Drill Press. If you have decided to buy the Nova Vulcan DVR Drill Press, click right here and it will transfer you directly to its manual.

Conclusion: Why You Should Buy These Best Two Nova Drill Press Models?

If you are looking for a Nova drill press that is a very powerful machine and can do a lot of versatile projects, check this Nova 58000 DVR drill press. It has a fantastic MCU software built-in that will make your job easy.

If those two Nova drill press models aren’t your thing, read my post about different drill press models. There you can see more than 10 different types, including the benchtop drill press and handheld drill press models.