Top Ridgid Drill Press Worth Of Your Money In 2022 Reviews

Are you checking out to buy a new Ridgid drill press for your shop?

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I want to share with you everything about the Ridgid drill press, starting from a few information about the brand, to where you can get them, what you can expect from them and it is all finished with reviews of a few models.


The Ridgid Drill Press Brand

Inventions For Those Who Build The World

The Ridgid brand team takes great pride in its drill press models. They say that some build tools for those who want to change the world but they manufacture their drill presses for those who build the world. Since 1923. they keep providing the best for their customers.

Tools Made For Professionals

These great Ridgid drill presses are made for professionals. The mere fact that these Ridgid machines are exported daily to thousands and thousands. The customers have trust in Ridgid drill press models and that is why they choose to equip their shops with their drill presses.

The Price Range Of Ridgid Drill Press Models

Ridgid drill press models have a great proportion of value and quality. Their drill presses are made only out of high-quality parts and come with the latest industry’s features. There is no doubt that you won’t be satisfied if you decide to buy this great drill press.

Where To Buy Ridgid Drill Presses?

The Ridgid brand has a special section for Where To Buy questions. In that section, you can find their comprehensive distributor network to find a dealer for Ridgid drill presses near you. You can also check the drill press models online. I would strongly suggest that you consider some online retailers such as Amazon. There you can find Ridgid drill presses at lower prices and sometimes even discounts.

Customer Service And Support

The Ridgid brand takes great care of their loyal customers. They have a dedicated section for customer service and support. You can find all of the answers at their official web site which is very well built. There is also a dedicated e-mail address and you can easily contact them if you have more questions while buying your new Ridgid drill press.

Other Models By Ridgid Drill Press Brand

There are a few models of the Ridgid drill press that I won’t’ mention in this article because I can’t mention them all! Some of these other Ridgid drill press models are the Ridgid DP15501 drill press, the Ridgid DP1550 drill press and also the Ridgid Floor drill press model.

Best Ridgid Drill Press Review

Ridgid R1500 15 Inch Drill Press

Industry-Leading Features Machine

The Ridgid R1500 15 inch drill press comes with only the latest and leading features on the market. People at the Ridgid brand company have made sure to keep up with the industry’s trends. They strive day by day, to make only the best drill presses for their loyal customers.

Ridgid R1500 15 Inch Drill Press

Lifetime Service Agreement Drill Press

If you register within 90 days of your purchase by the Ridgid brand, you will get a free service for your new Ridgid drill press for life! With this fantastic option, you also get free parts for your drill press for life. The Ridgid company takes great care of their loyal customers.

Made For A Variety Of Projects

This great Ridgid DP1500 drill press is made for a variety of projects. If you read the customer reviews, you will find out that this great drill press can handle a wide variety of materials and workpieces. With its 15 inch design, you can use it also in some bigger projects. It is a great choice for any shop.

Ridgid R1500 15 Inch Drill Press review

LED Light For More Precision

The Ridgid 15 inch DP1500 has an LED light built-in. This great feature ensures you more precision and increases visibility. This LED light can come in handy if you need to get some tricky work done. This DP1500 drill press also has upgraded 3/4 HP motor built-in which surely helps while you’re working on your high-precision projects.

High-quality Build Machine

The Ridgid DP1500 drill press is made out of high-quality parts. It has a great proportion of quality and value. This drill press has an adjustable rack and pinion table option. It has a solid cast-iron beveling table built-in. Also, there are solid grip handles. There is no doubt that this Ridgid drill press is a great choice for any shop.


  • drill press made for any workshop
  • usable in a variety of different projects
  • has a lifetime service agreement
  • can do precision work
  • can handle a variety of materials

Ridgid Parts And Accessories

One thing that is great about this Ridgid brand is that it offers lifetime service and parts for their loyal customers. All you need to do is register yourself at their official web site within 90 days of your purchase of the Ridgid drill press model. All the parts and accessories like Ridgid drill press chuck can also be found online at some retailers such as Amazon.

Conclusion: Why You Should Buy This Ridgid R1500 Drill Press?

The great thing about this Ridgid DP1500 drill press is that you have a lifetime service agreement. That means you can get free service and parts for the rest of your file. The Ridgid 15 inch drill press is a great choice for any shop and can handle a variety of projects that may come in your way. This is why you should definitely consider buying this fantastic 15 inch Ridgid DP1500 drill press!

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