Top Skil Drill Press, Parts & Accessories In 2022 Reviews

Looking to buy a new Skil drill press for your shop or DIY project at home? Then you should read my article!

Everything you want and need to know about Skil drill press models is right here so you can be sure that you will make the right decision on a drill press. But, before we start with the reviews, let’s focus on the Skill drill press brand!


The Skil Drill Press Brand

Compact, Powerful And Lightweight

At the Skil drill press brand, people are constantly pushing the boundaries. They are manufacturing compact and modern drill press models for any workshop or even better your DIY projects at home. The advanced and thoughtful design and technology enable you powerful performance while using the Skil drill press models.

Where To Buy Skil Drill Press Models?

You can find all the models available on the market on the Skil drill press brand official web site. You can also check out some of their retailers and shops that sell the Skill drill presses. Although, I would strongly suggest that you consider visiting some online retailers such as Amazon. Those websites are always a good idea, especially if you want to save some money with discounts.

The Price Range Of Skil Drill Presses

The Skil drill press models are great price-to-quality examples because they have a good ratio between quality and value.  Right now, the Skil 10-inch benchtop drill press model that I will be reviewing is Amazon’s best choice for Skil brand drill presses on their online site.

Customer Service And Support

If you have any doubts about the Skil drill press models that you are considering to buy, you can easily contact the Skil brand team. There is a special part of their website made for their customers who need more answers. You can check it here and ask them whatever you need about your new Skil drill press.

Other Models By Skil Drill Press Brand

There is one more model by Skil drill press that I will not be reviewing in this article. That is the Skil 3380 8 Inch benchtop drill press. This great benchtop drill press is a very compact and portable machine that is a great choice for every shop and also your DIY projects!

The Best Skil Drill Press Reviews

Skil 3320 10 Inch Benchtop Drill Press

Easy And Safe To Use Drill Press

The great thing about this Skil 3320 benchtop drill press is that it has a bump-off switch built-in that adds more safety while drilling with this fantastic 10-inch bench drill press. You will surely have no worries using this compact drill press. All that being said, this Skil 10 inch benchtop drill press is very safe and easy to use the machine.

Skil 3320 10 Inch Benchtop Drill Press

Adjustable Depth Stop Feature

One of many great features by this 3320 10 inch Skil drill press is the depth stop feature. You can easily adjust the depth when you’re drilling the holes into your workpiece. You can also drill holes repeatedly using the Skil 10 inch bench drill press which saves your valuable time that can later be used on some more time-consuming tasks.

Built-in Laser For More Precision

The Skil 3320 benchtop drill press has a built-in laser. With the help of that laser, you can drill the holes into the workpiece with more precision. You can easily set the laser point on your 10-inch 3320 drill press and be done faster with your projects.

Skil 3320 10 Inch Benchtop Drill Press review

Benchtop Drill Press With 5 Speed Options

This 10-inch Skil benchtop drill press has a 5-speed limit option. You can easily shift through these 5 speeds in just a few steps. With this 5 speed option, you can drill the holes through wood, metal or plastic with no problem using this great 3320 inch Skil drill press.

Versatile Tilting Work Surface

The Skil 3320 10 inch bench drill press has a versatile tilting work table. The worksurface tilts from zero to 45 degrees. This great feature enables you to drill angled holes and a wide variety of workpieces with ease. You can also adjust the height and fit a variety of workpieces on this great Skil drill press.


  • modern and sturdy design
  • compact and powerful benchtop drill press
  • built-in laser for more precision
  • tilting work table for angled drilling
  • drill press with 5-speed option

Skil Drill Press Replacement Parts

Skill is one of those brands that produce spare parts so if something brakes, you can find the replacement part. But, it doesn’t have to break for you to replace it, sometimes it is time to replace something, like the Skill drill press belt. You can easily replace it before something breaks if you want to maintain your drill press in the best shape possible.

Skil Drill Press Manual Instructions

Sometimes you just need a little help from a manual when you buy a new machine for your home or your shop. Well, don’t worry because, with every Skil drill press model, you get the right manual for it. When you go to their official web site, you just need to type in the Skil drill press model you have and there you will have its manual that you can easily download to your own computer in just a few easy steps. You can find the link to the Skil 3320 10 Inch Drill Press manual right here.

Conclusion: Why You Should Buy This Skil Drill Press Model?

If you are looking for a great benchtop drill press that is compact and has a modern design, you should definitely check out the Skil 3320 10 Inch Benchtop Drill Press. This Skil drill press model is a great choice for any workshop. You can also use it at home while working on your DIY projects with no problem as it is a very powerful machine.

Skill brand is a good brand, but if you want to check out something different, then read my posts about floor stand drill presses, or even benchtop drill presses as they are the most popular types of drill presses. If you want to read a guide about them, read my post about the best drill presses.