Best Craftsman Drill Press & Accessories For Sale (Reviews)

Looking for a new drill press?

What about the Craftsman drill press offer?

Their offer is pretty impressive, but if you aren’t sure about that, simply start reading my post about Craftsman drill press below and you will find out information about the brand history, offer, prices and overall performance!


The Craftsman Drill Press Brand

Authentic American Icon Drill Press Brand

The Craftsman drill press brand is an old tool brand that has been manufacturing the best tools for homeworkers, home builders and other great and loyal customers for nearly 100 years. All this time the Craftsman team wanted to offer only the best for their customers and the fact that they exist for nearly a century is proof that they have done it.

Price Range Of Craftsman Drill Presses

Craftsman drill press models are best-buy products. That means their price is not too high, but their performance is great considering the price. Now, they aren’t the cheapest on the market, but I don’t think they will hit your budget too strong if you decide to get them.

Where To Buy The Craftsman Drill Press Models?

You can find Craftsman drill press models in the USA and Canada at their stores and shop retailers. In my opinion, the best place to buy drill presses would be online retailers such as Amazon. There you can find Craftsman bench drill press models at lower prices tanks to different discounts. The good thing about Amazon is that you can read the customer reviews of certain products.

Customer Service And Support

Craftsman brand has a pretty good relationship with their customers. You can easily ask them what you are interested in and they will gladly help you. But, have patience because they are very busy due to the big number of customers.

The Best Craftsman Drill Press For Sale

Craftsman 12 Inch Benchtop Drill Press

Modern And Sturdy Design

The Craftsman 12 inch benchtop drill press is made out of solid and cast iron construction. This drill press model has a very modern and sturdy design. It is very well built and compact. It is guaranteed by the Craftsman drill press brand to last you for years and years to come. Their loyal customers have recognized that by buying some older and vintage drill press models by Craftsman more and more every day.

Craftsman 12 Inch Benchtop Drill Press

Craftsman 12 InchBench Drill Press With Laser

This Craftsman bench drill press has a built-in laser feature. You can use this great feature in your everyday projects and even some DIY projects at home with the fantastic Craftsman 12-inch bench drill press. You can easily drill holes into the workpiece and save yourself more time for some other time-consuming tasks or other projects.

Handles A Variety Of Materials

With the Craftsman 12 inch drill press you can drill holes into a wide variety of materials such as wood, plastic, metal, steel and more materials. This Craftsman benchtop drill press model is a great and compact drill that fits every workshop. It is also a fantastic choice for those working on some projects at home because of its versatility.

Craftsman 12 Inch Benchtop Drill Press review

Fast And Smooth Speed Changes

The Craftsman 12 inch laser drill press uses a powerful 1/2 HP motor. It can spin anywhere between 355 and 3065 revolutions per minute. You can easily shift through speed and that way finish your projects faster than ever. This powerful 12-inch bench drill press by Craftsman is adaptable and built to last.


  • compact and modern 12-inch benchtop drill press
  • drill press with laser built-in
  • easy and safe speed changes
  • handles a wide variety of materials
  • perfect for DIY projects

Craftsman Drill Press Replacement Parts

As I have already mentioned, they want to help their customers and that is why there are replacement parts on the market. Some of the most common parts are the belt, chuck key, vise, etc. Besides that, they also offer Ryobi drill press accessories and you can easily find them on the market, especially big online stores like Amazon.

Conclusion: Should You Buy Craftsman 12-Inch Drill Press?

If you are looking for a powerful 12-inch bench drill press you should definitely check out the Craftsman 12 Inch Drill Press model. It can drill holes through a wide variety of materials. This 12-inch drill press is made out of high-quality parts and accessories. If you want to enhance your DIY projects or just upgrade your drill press collection in your shop, then this Craftsman 12-inch drill press is the one for you.

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